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What kind of PVC Plastic Floor should factory, workshop choose?

When the factory, the workshop chooses the plastic floor, that the first thing to be considered is the floor resistance, whether the wear-resistant degree can withstand the heavy pressure of the workshop machine and the forklift truck, whether the corrosion resistance degree can resist the workshop oil agent pollution,etc, also the following several points should also be considered. Let’s see together, What kind of plastic floor is suitable for factory, workshop.


Green environmental protection: Yichen sports plastic floor uses new environmental protection material-polyvinyl chloride, it does not contain formaldehyde, does not contain asbestos, lead, mercury and other heavy metal harmful fillers. It completely meets the people’s green environmental protection space demand.

Durable and anti-peeling: Yichen sports plastic floor has excellent compression resistance, stability and wear resistance. The proper use of ground material under general local point load pressure, such as legs, wheels, the floor does not produce fracture, degumming or permanent dent, the service life is increased by 3 times than the ordinary floor.

Anti-fouling and anti-slip: the special surface treatment technology of Yichen sports plastic flooring company make the flooring has high anti-fouling chemical properties, clean and durable. Under the action of local pressure, the floor will produce instantaneous elastic deformation, which makes the friction coefficient of the surface become larger, and it is difficult to slide down while walking.

Strong sound absorption: factory workshop is a noisy environment. The floor needs to have good mute ability, Yichen sports plastic floor company’s floor not only feel comfortable, but also insulate the 20-22db noise, give the factory workers a no noise, little noise working environment.

Flame retardation: the PVC plastic floor of Yichen sports plastic floor company is specially treated to prevent fire when it is manufactured, so as to reduce the chance of fire spreading and not to produce harmful smoke and gas to human body.

Easy to clean: Yichen sports plastic flooring can be cleaned with wet cloth, saving time and effort. After installation, it does not need to do waxing polishing, only with general daily maintenance it can be bright and clean as new.

Summary: the above information about "What kind of PVC plastic floor should factory workshop choose" is introduced here., Hope it is helpful for you. To learn more about plastic floor, welcome to follow Yichen. Please look forward to.

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