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How to choose sports plastic floor?

Today's plastic flooring is a new type of light body decorative material all over the world. It is very popular now. It is a very popular product in China, Japan, Korea, Europe and the United States. Now it has been very well evaluated in large and medium-sized cities in China, and it has been accepted by most people. It is convenient and easy to install, safe and widely used in hospitals, schools, kindergartens, office buildings, subway corridors, sports rooms and other places. So, how to choose/select sports plastic flooring? Today Yichen sports plastic floor Co., Ltd will teach you 5 tips for reference.

First,  environmental protection ability

For plastic floor, the most important standard of flooring environmental protection is formaldehyde release amount. On the limit of formaldehyde emission standard, the environmental protection of the flooring industry has undergone three technological revolutions: E1 / E0 / FCF. The flooring of Yichen sports plastic floor company had passed the formaldehyde emission standard test, and had been determined as green plastic floor.


Second, quality

Good flooring need to choose good raw materials, good raw materials should be natural, and with high density and moderate. The flooring quality can also judged from from the quality test report and also the certificate of  "ISO9001 quality system authentication", "ISO14001 environment system attestation" etc that Yichen Sports plastic floor had passed. Because these honor obtains must be  a result of the enterprise fine management.

Third, service

Service is also very important, especially installation and after-sales service. Service is related to the quality of products, is also the performance of the corporate image. The flooring shows some deformation, like warping and cracking shortly after installation, many of them are caused by improper installation. Therefore, that whether the service is professional also affects the performance of the flooring. Yichen sports plastic floor company has a sound construction, after-sales service to guarantee that client will not get a defective product.

Fourth, brand

The meaning of the brand is not only the reputation of the enterprise. A mature and successful brand is not strong and well known at last, but a strong psychological connection with the consumer. When the consumer chooses the product, the best choice is to choose the company who have good faith ,so as to get better guarantee on quality, service and many other aspects.

Fifth, Price

Of course,  cost-effective is also an important reference factor when we buying things. But in today's building materials industry, there are a lot of event of profiteering, even damaging the interests of consumers. The deterioration of atmosphere has led to a decline in consumer trust. Then how to buy good and cheap goods, is the most importation point .

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