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Which company’s PVC sports flooring is better?

PVC sports floor is a kind of floor developed specially for sports ground by using PVC Materials. Specially, it is produced by scrape coating technique or calendering coating, extruding or press technique, on a continuous sheet substrate, using PVC and co-polymer resins as the main raw materials then add filler, plasticizer, stabilizer, colorant and other auxiliary materials.


Then which company‘s PVC sports flooring is better? The sports flooring of Shijiazhuang Yichen Sports Plastic Floor Co., Ltd has bright colour, clear pattern and texture, transparent layer and a good feature of antislip, shock absorption, etc. The flooring has passed the certificate of environmental protection, is green and eco-friendly products. It can be used for the places with environmental protection requirements, such as high traffic area like hospital, kindergarten, etc. Also, the PVC flooring’s installation is very easy and convenient. Only with self-leveling concrete, it can be installed, and there won’t be big noise pollution during installation.

Shijiazhuang Yichen Sports Plastic Floor Co., Ltd., as a professional manufacturer of PVC sports flooring, has strict quality control and superior after-sales service, ensuring that every customer receives a qualified product. 

Product Quality assurance: Our products don’t have color difference (same batch), woolen edge, lotus leaf edge, bulge, uneven thickness, odour and other  imperfections problems. All Yichen products will be labeled with qualified certificate before leaving factory. Also the warranty for product itself is 6 year( high end), 2 years for common quality. ( except the specially customized products and the quality reduction caused by use, installation, poor maintenance.)

Main products of Shijiazhuang Yichen Sports Plastic Floor Co., Ltd: plastic floor, PVC flooring, sports flooring, UV series flooring, homogeneous etc flooring. Our products are not only welcomed in domestic market, but also in oversea market. Yichen floor has very good reputation and faith and good cooperation with our domestic and overseas clients on product quality, service and after-sales service, etc

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