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Installation Conditions of PVC Sports floor

      In order to do a better project, it is recommended that customers should not blindly short construction time and ignore the requirements of the ground foundation. High quality flooring also need professional installation skills to achieve the perfect effect.

      First, to do a good court, we can’t rush in a hurry. The ground must be smooth, dry, no crack. If there is self-leveling concrete, the installation must begin after the self-leveling concrete dry through. 

      Second, How to distinguish whether self-leveling concrete is dry or not: spread a piece of plastic film on the surface, the next day, if there is condensation on the plastic film, then the concrete didn’t dry through.

      Third, try best to spread the flooring 24 hours ahead of the installation, so that the flooring has stretching process, then the final effect will be better. 

      Fourth, the double face welding on the market actually is not professional, it will crack after big exercise amount. If it is fixed installation, the glue should be used. The most professional removable installation should do with import glue plus fiberglass connection belt. It won’t break when rolling up or unrolling( if use double face tape to do removable installation, the tape will be broken after several times rolling up and unrolling)

      In a word, we hope that customers will use high-quality materials and professional construction, so as to achieve the best results without worries.


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